ice burg
  1. To improve the understanding of the relationships among climate, ecosystems, managed systems, natural resources, and society.
  2. To provide a focal point that facilitates and enhances the visibility of interdisciplinary climate research, instruction, and outreach programs at the University of Georgia.
  3. To promote and support effective partnerships between University of Georgia faculty and users and stakeholders who have a need for science-based information, forecasts, outlooks, and tools, and strategies and solutions associated with adaptation to climate variability and change.
  4. To combine a historical perspective on climate variability and change with an understanding of geological, hydrological, ecological and societal processes to understand local and regional climate variability and change within a long-term global context.
  5. To develop stakeholder and user-inspired climate forecasts, outlooks, strategies, solutions, technologies, and decision support systems for addressing risks and opportunities arising from climate variability and change.
  6. To disseminate to diverse audiences science-based information on the climate and social systems’ responses to climate variability and change.