Working Groups

Improving connections among UGA faculty and staff

Charge: Hold monthly Climate & Society informal brown bag lunch series for UGA faculty and staff organized around a theme. The goals are:

  1. to assist members to know one current members’ expertise and interests, and
  2. to expand connections on campus to include people from colleges and programs not already involved with the initiative.
    • Heather Blaikie (Research Assistant)
    • Tyra Byer
    • Ms. Susan Varlamoff (leader)

Building new climate system connections

Charge:  Hold monthly topic-based “thinking outside the box” discussions among interested faculty, staff, and students on critical topics.  The goal is to build new research programs by making cross-disciplinary connections on the frontiers of key interest areas.

  • Dr. Maric Boudreau
  • Dr. Susan Ferreira
  • Dr. Charles Hopkinson (leader)
  • Dr. Liz Kramer
  • Dr. Erin Lipp (leader)
  • Dr. Daniel Markewitz
  • Dr. Christof Meile
  • Dr. Mary Ann Moran
  • Dr. Don Nelson
  • Dr. Marshall Shepherd
  • Professor R. Alfred Vick
  • Dr. Sally Walker

Building connections to stakeholders

Charge:  The charge of this group is to develop and foster connections between Climate & Society team members and outside stakeholders, including the public, schools, and local government.  The group will plan monthly development meetings or workshops centered on key climate issues to produce white papers, website resources, or other products that can be used to further educate stakeholder.

  • Dr. Chris Cuomo
  • Dr. Alan Franzluebbers
  • Dr. Jeffery Hepinstall-Cymerman (leader)
  • Dr. Tracie Jenkins
  • Ms. Pam Knox (leader)
  • Dr. Robin McDowell
  • Dr. Quint Newcomer
  • Dr. Mark Risse
  • Dr. David Stooksbury
  • Ms. Susan Varlamoff (leader)

Bringing in outside speakers to enrich UGA community

Charge:  Bring outside expertise to UGA. The goals are to enrich our current programs and share information about UGA with leaders in the field of climate and society.

  • Dr. Daniela Di Iorio
  • Dr. Thomas Mote
  • Dr. J. Marshall Shepherd (leader)


  1. Anticipate, monitor and coordinate responses to strategic and relevant Request for Proposals (RFPs).
  2. Oversee networking activities by the Climate & Society Initiative, including participation in conferences and state and federal agency connections.

The goals are early identification of new funding and collaboration opportunities and provision of infrastructure for rapid responses to those opportunities.

  • Dr. Alan Covich
  • Dr. Tracie Jenkins
  • Dr. Robin McDowell (leader)
  • Dr. Jackie Mohan
  • Dr. Nathan Nibbelink
  • Dr. David Stooksbury
  • Dr. Patricia Yager

Charge:  A steering committee comprising faculty and professional staff active in the Climate & Society Initiative provides advice and support to initiative director Patricia Yager. The immediate charge to the executive committee is to finalize and submit the proposal for a UGA Center for Climate & Society in Fall 2012.

  • Ms. Tyra Byers
  • Dr. Chris Cuomo
  • Dr. Chuck Hopkinson
  • Dr. Liz Kramer
  • Dr. Erin Lipp
  • Dr. Jackie Mohan
  • Dr. Tom Mote
  • Dr. Marshall Shepherd
  • Dr. David Stooksbury
  • Ms. Susan Varlamoff
  • Dr. Patricia Yager (leader)